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Video Game Minisode :: Little Big Planet 2, Shatter, and Alpha Squad

Posted by NerdyShow on February 6, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 sack boy and othersJust what do you call a game that’s a game but also a game that makes other games?  We might not know how to categorize it, but Little Big Planet 2 is exactly that… what ever that is.  The first game started a fire with its handy-crafted community game experience, and the second might start a REVOLUTION in what a video game can be. Nerdy Show’s VG crew, Brandon and Jonna, accompanied by Cap, Jon, and Kristin discuss the Little Big Planet 2 experience:  what’s new, what’s cool, and why it could change everything.

Next up we spotlight two indie download games, one for PS3 and one for X-Box: Arkanoid-based shooter sensation, Shatter, and post apocalyptic RPG-shoot ’em up hybrid, Alpha Squad.  The latter you may remember from our Nerdy Show episode “Metroid Babies” as being the heavy metal-injected game being scored by Metroid Metal‘s Stemage. Well, we’ve got Stemage back on the show! Now that the game’s out he’s far more loose-lipped.  Brutal secrets be told!  All that plus recent video game news including a NEW-new Kirby game for the Wii, and Sony’s portable trump card.


  1. Sleepyhead :: Passion Pit Sleepyhead - Manners (Bonus Track Version)
  2. Kinetic Harvest :: Sidhe
  3. New City :: Stemage

We’re putting together a list of some of our favorite Little Big Planet 2 levels, coming soon- in the meantime here’s an awesome classic:

In this episode Brandon and Jonna play with the prizes for Nerdy Show’s Minecraft Build-A-Thon and discuss more about the contest and the rumors we’ve heard about what’s being built for the contest.  It ends on February 12th – so get in on this!  Killer prizes!


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