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E3 Vidcasts :: Hands-on High Voltage’s The Grinder

Posted by Cat on July 28, 2010

When was the last time you played a game like Gauntlet Legends, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, or Smash TV? No, not on an emulator, a NEW game. …Uh-huh, that what I thought.  Well get ready kids, ’cause co-op arcade monster slayin’ is back!

High Voltage Software, the guys who brought you Conduit and Hunter: The Reckoning are cooking up something amazing.  The game’s called The Grinder, no, it’s not a delicious Italian-style sandwich, it’s a mining machine that’s burrowed straight to hell and it let something nasty out.  Now you, as one of four comic book-style bounty hunter miscreants must save the day for cash and glory and leave a pile of otherworldly corpses in your wake.  Check out our hands-on demo of the game and see why it’s one of the forthcoming titles we’re most excited about:

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