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Episode 017 :: Your Wincest is in Another Castle

Posted by Cat on May 19, 2010

wincest 300Nerdy Show celebrates the forthcoming release of the kerjillionth Mario game, Mario Galaxy 2 with an all-Mario all-star episode.  Joining us on this adventure into the Mushroom Kingdom is our good buddies Overclocked After Dark making koopaling-styled mischief all episode long. We discuss Freudian psychoanalysis of the chubby plumber’s inner workings, his IRL secret origin, and what better way to follow up last week’s sci-tech chat about Iron Man 2 than shedding some light on the “science” of 1993’s Super Mario Brothers movie!  So grab your favorite flying power-up, kidnap a blonde chick, and do the Mario!

We also manage to find some time to give you a quick review of Alan Wake, reveal the winners of our Episode /34/ Art Contest, and join OCAD on a super-gothic journey into Harry Potter fan fiction. That’s right, kids – Nerdy Show has joined OCAD in their epic drinking game reading of the notoriously bad fanfic, “My Immortal”.  This episode only gives you a taste-test of the literary poison, but you can lol with us for the train-wreck of chapters 22-29 HERE.  Be sure to check out OCAD’s previous and future chapter readings as they attempt to brave the whole thing.


  1. Not this Castle :: Hiroshi vs Whoremoans
  2. Go Mario Go :: Robotronica
  3. SuperBuckJazz :: Estradosphere
  4. Mario Minor :: Powerglove
  5. Super Mario Bros 3 Medley :: Fredian Lindströms Lyckliga
  6. Mario III :: 8 Bit
  7. Mario & Yoshi Medley :: Videogame Orchestra
  8. Dr. Mario :: Virt
  9. Mario Circuit :: The OneUps The Oneups - Super Mario Kart Album - Mario Circuit
  10. Big Bash BreakBeat :: DJ Seith
  11. Booster Tarantino :: djpretzel
  12. Louis Armstrong Sings Super Mario World :: Brentalfloss



OCAD’s “My Immortal” Reading:

Mario Links-


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