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Episode 017 :: Your Wincest is in Another Castle

Posted by Cap on May 19, 2010


wincest 300Nerdy Show celebrates the forthcoming release of the kerjillionth Mario game, Mario Galaxy 2 with an all-Mario all-star episode.  Joining us on this adventure into the Mushroom Kingdom is our good buddies Overclocked After Dark making koopaling-styled mischief all episode long. We discuss Freudian psychoanalysis of the chubby plumber’s inner workings, his IRL secret origin, and what better way to follow up last week’s sci-tech chat about Iron Man 2 than shedding some light on the “science” of 1993’s Super Mario Brothers movie!  So grab your favorite flying power-up, kidnap a blonde chick, and do the Mario!

We also manage to find some time to give you a quick review of Alan Wake, reveal the winners of our Episode /34/ Art Contest, and join OCAD on a super-gothic journey into Harry Potter fan fiction. That’s right, kids – Nerdy Show has joined OCAD in their epic drinking game reading of the notoriously bad fanfic, “My Immortal”.  This episode only gives you a taste-test of the literary poison, but you can lol with us for the train-wreck of chapters 22-29 HERE.  Be sure to check out OCAD’s previous and future chapter readings as they attempt to brave the whole thing.


  1. Not this Castle :: Hiroshi vs Whoremoans
  2. Go Mario Go :: Robotronica
  3. SuperBuckJazz :: Estradosphere
  4. Mario Minor :: Powerglove
  5. Super Mario Bros 3 Medley :: Fredian Lindströms Lyckliga
  6. Mario III :: 8 Bit
  7. Mario & Yoshi Medley :: Videogame Orchestra
  8. Dr. Mario :: Virt
  9. Mario Circuit :: The OneUps The Oneups - Super Mario Kart Album - Mario Circuit
  10. Big Bash BreakBeat :: DJ Seith
  11. Booster Tarantino :: djpretzel
  12. Louis Armstrong Sings Super Mario World :: Brentalfloss



OCAD’s “My Immortal” Reading:

Mario Links-


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Cap is Executive Producer of The Nerdy Show Network as well as Lead Host of the titular Nerdy Show podcast and one of the site's founders. His illustration, graphic design, and writing both journalistic and fictitious have appeared in various publications and public spaces.
  • Sinapptyk

    Have the recording techniques/equipment improved? There is a noticeable jump in quality between this episode and last. Good on ya, mates!

  • Josh

    Do you guys have a mailing address? I have a copy of what I swear is the only fan fic to ever be published. It reads like some bastardized Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy/pimp fantasy crossover. And I would like to gift it to you for your amusement.

  • M.soldoln

    I shit you not, I almost ran my car off the road because I was laughing so hard to your “My Immortal” bit. I had to pull over and catch my breath.

  • @hex in regards to your issue with the use of “your” in the dramatic reading…


  • Cap


    We’ve got individual e-mail addresses on the “meet the team” page and there’s always

  • Cap


    Yeah mam, we’ve got a sound guy now. His name’s Tyler. He’s cool.

  • Regarding the Super Mario Bros. movie, I think at least two concepts from the film made it into the Mario Bros. canon: The last name “Mario” and the concept of Luigi and Daisy as an item. Unless I’m mistaken, neither of these showed up before that movie. I find that hilarious.

    Also, I love that everyone seemed to have played Breath of Fire 2, and that someone entered Nina and Katt into the rule /34/ contest. That’s a day-maker.

  • @M.soldoln
    While we do not want you to die in a horrible fiery car crash, we are glad you enjoyed the snippet of reading. Be on the look out for more chapters across the interwebz!

  • Cap

    @The Losar

    Great point about the Mario movie. The Daisy and Luigi item had crossed my mind before, and yeah you’re dead on it was the first time it showed up – which is fucking amazing. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t no game and that desert world ain’t no Sarasaland.

  • Matasm

    I totally forgot about the porn contest that you guys were doing. Sigh, regardless this is what i was GONNA submit. Might as well get something beyond weird looks and questions of “Is that robot going to rape that computer?” when people flip through my sketchbook.

  • Arkais

    Is it actually possible to beat Cat Mario?

  • Cap


    Oh wow! Awesome work as always, man. Definitely going in the fan art page when I get around to booting that up. No worries, chum. We’ll have lots more art contests, sexy or otherwise in the bright and shining future.

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