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E3 2010

E3E3 2010 was madness.

It was this year that the wind finally started to blow back towards the hey-day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo when it was an insane spectacle of sight and sound. The big 3 pulled out all the stops and everyone had something to prove – whether it was embracing motion control or starting another revolution entirely.

Join Cap, Triforce Mike, and our intrepid videographer, Colin on our trip from Orlando to L.A. to the epicenter of the video game battleground for first-impressions, hands-on demos, developer interviews and hi-jinx! Start at the beginning and click through to adventure!

Stay tuned, there’s more on the way! Including behind-the-scenes with both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and The Old Republic, Fable 3, Goldeneye, the secrets of the Bethesda booth including Cap’s preview of RAGE, a closed-door demo with High Voltage Studios, an amazing new feat of augmented reality, and MORE! All that plus Mike, Cap, and Colin’s death-defying attempt to see Video Games Live during the last game of the NBA Finals. The story continues…

Vidcast 00 :: The Hype

Vidcasts 01 & 02 :: The Pre-Show – Featuring X-Box Live’s Major Nelson

Vidcasts 03 & 04 :: The Sony & Nintendo Conferences + hands-on with the 3DS!

Vidcast 05 :: Rockin’ With Harmonix, Rock Band 3 Hands-On Demo

Vidcasts 06 & 07 :: Epic Mickey & Tron Evolution Demos

Vidcast 08 :: Battlestar Galactica: Online Preview

Vidcasts 09 & 9.5 :: DC Universe Online Demo & Cap interviews Catwoman

Vidcast 10 :: Dead Rising 2 Demo & C.U.R.E. Protest

Vidcasts 11 & 12 :: Nintendo Returns to Side-Scrollers – Hands-on with Kirby’s Epic YarnDonkey Kong Country Returns &

Vidcast 13 :: Magic: The Gathering Tactics

Vidcasts 14 & 15 :: Kinecting with Dance Central & Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Vidcast 16 :: Playstation Move & 3D – Sony’s Epic Fail

Vidcast 17 :: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

Vidcast 18 :: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Vidcast 19 :: Flying Into the Future with the Parrot AR Drone

Vidcasts 20 & 21 :: Inside the Bethesda Booth – Fallout: New Vegas & RAGE

Vidcast 22 :: The First Templar – Historical Action RPG

Vidcast 23 :: Hands-on With Fable 3

Vidcast 24 :: Cap & Mike Play GoldenEye 007

Vidcast 25 :: Hands-on High Voltage’s The Grinder

Vidcast 26 :: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Vidcast 27 :: Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

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