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Willrow Hood by Lobster Writer

Willrow Hood

by Lobster Writer

Willrow Hood sat up in his bed, slapping the desktop clock automatically. He was half-surprised when his hand met with hard wood. He looked to his right and chuckled softly. Willrow hadn’t owned an alarm clock in years. It was just an old habit from his days as a miner in Cloud City. Looking out the window, he realized it was hardly dawn yet. He shook his head and slipped out of bed carefully. He put his feet into his slippers and started walking towards the kitchen.

He got into the room and tapped the droid that did all of his cooking and cleaning on. The mechanical man looked to him and Willrow put a finger to his lips, signaling the droid to be quiet. This was a sign which the droid was familiar with and it simply nodded in reply, immediately starting to brew some coffee for its master. Willrow sat down in one of the chairs at his kitchen table and closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath and trying to just absorb the morning, the smell and taste of the air. A minute or two later, the droid placed a mug in front of him and Willrow smiled. The man grabbed his coffee and took a small sip, letting out a contented sigh as he did so. He opened his eyes and looked around the kitchen lazily, eyes simply drifting around the room. He grinned as his eyes lighted upon an old ice cream maker. He hadn’t even touched the thing in years, but it was still one of his most prized possessions.

It was the only memento he had of his days working in Cloud City as a miner. It was the greatest joy of his life at that time. Every day, he’d find some time to sneak away from work and into the break room to grab the little treasure from the closet. Most of his co-workers had forgotten it was even there, so he was the only one who ever used it. He derived so much enjoyment just from a single scoop. He didn’t mind going out after a long day of work, but the problem was that he was generally too tired to keep up with the chase of the local girls.

But ice cream didn’t need to be chased. Just a few minutes of his time and then he had a delicious treat that helped him relax. He would wait eagerly each time, anticipating the flavor he’d made for the day with his mouth watering. When it was ready, he would eat that bowl of heaven as slowly as he could manage. Each spoonful was slow and he’d just let the ice cream melt in his mouth before taking another bite. He tried all kinds of flavors with it; chocolate, neopolitan, cookie dough, wookie cake, ewok fur fudge, you name it, Willrow had a taste of it during his mining days. But his favorite, the one he could eat for weeks and weeks without tiring of it, was Jawa Java. It perked him right up more than any other and he tried to only make it on special occasions and days when the job was a lot meaner than normal. All of those years eating ice cream, he grew rather attached to the machine itself. It was like a tiny savior to him – that made delicious treats.

That’s why when Calrissian advised an evacuation while the empire took over Cloud City, the ice cream maker was the first thing that Willrow grabbed. He grabbed that little machine and bolted, doing everything he could to get out safely with it in his arms. Afterwards, he gave up his job mining, so he wasn’t as exhausted anymore. Suddenly ice cream wasn’t as relaxing as it once was; he’d found much better ways to unwind after a long day. Like a warm female form in his bed.

Still, he kept the relic. After the Empire ended, he traveled to Onderon and lived in the capital city of Iziz, where he now spent his time. The women were even more welcoming here and so the little machine he used to love so much was virtually untouched. But he was too attached to it to let it go – there were too many memories attached to it.

“Will…” came a lilting, sultry voice from his bed room, “come back to bed… I know you don’t have to make breakfast yourself…”

Willrow grinned to himself and stood up, taking another sip of his coffee, “Say babe…” he said as he approached the bedroom, “how do you feel about some ice cream later?”

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