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Derpy Show :: Episode 27 :: Cut that! Back to Asshole

Posted by NerdyShow on June 21, 2013

back to asshole smThis week, the gang gets their hands on a speech jamming app and attempts to read classic literature while under its influence. Find out how messed up they get, and learn the answers to these hard-hitting questions: Is RoboJoe being gas-lighted? Are remote controlled cockroaches ruining Miss Terri Guest’s life? What does Irn Bru taste like? Is any body part off limits for antiperspirant? Do advertisers control the way we think? What is the opposite of a front butt? Will DJ Snorlax eat absolutely anything? All this and more, on this truly insane episode of Derpy Show!

DJ Snorlax, boR, Neofaust, RoboJoe

Guest Derp:
Miss Terri Guest



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