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RPG From Scratch :: Echoes of the Starcrypt :: Part 2

Posted by LaForge on September 10, 2018

RPG From Scratch - Echoes of the StarcryptEver wanted to create your own tabletop RPG? Join the Homebrew Hombres on a D.I.Y. docu-quest for tabletop roleplaying perfection as they design, test, and rebalance their own RPG From Scratch!

Our ill-fated adventurers run afoul of a local tribe, revealing a world of ancient rivalries, political intrigue, and an ongoing crisis. Also, they’re introduced to the newest member of their group; an eccentric Eschwen who has a story yet to tell – but not before he is sent alone into unknown danger as a way to prove himself.

Or is it just rookie hazing? Find out, brave listener, in Echoes of the Starcrypt part 2!

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