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Samurai Jack on Adult Swim Ventures Into Uncharted Territory: An Interview with Genndy Tartakovsky

Posted by Cat on July 23, 2016

samurai jack 2016

After 10 years off the air, visionary animator Genndy Tartakovsky is concluding his sci-fi martial arts opus. In 2016 we’ll see Samurai Jack on Adult Swim in 10 episodes making up one epic five hour movie.

Now that the series is a part of Cartoon Network’s late night, mature audience programming, and after a 50-year time jump for the character, we’re going to see some changes and Jack will notice them too. We spoke with Genndy Tartakovsky at San Diego Comic Con, and he elaborated on the grittier season and how it will effect the character.

“It is a darker time for jack, [but] we’re not going to be like Ninja Scroll all of a sudden. It’s for sure it’s more violent, it’s more intense, but it’s tasteful. My favorite thing that we did: we actually have Jack react to it.  So imagine years of killing robots and machines and then all of a sudden you kill your first human. Instead of just doing that and moving on; he actually reflects on it.

I think, that makes it acceptable to me and makes it more cool and emotional and interesting.”

No release date has come yet, but we can expect to see Jack’s return later this year so be sure to re-watch the series in preparation!

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