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Derpy Show :: Episode 28 :: Rope Van Winkletree

Posted by NerdyShow on July 5, 2013

ropevan_smRule one of Rope Van Winkletree? Don’t talk about Rope Van Winkletree!

Well, it’s a good thing the Derps are awfully bad at following rules! Join in this verbal free-for-all as they battle it out over the values of Free2Play Games and the merits of various forms of blood sport. Whether it’s a fork to the penis or a cannon on your head, nothing holds a candle to a very special sport from Robojoe’s past. Learn who the gang would sacrifice in a life or death situation, and what the deal with Soylent is.

It’s a whole mess of Muppet mania on a ball-sporkin’ new episode of Derpy Show!

DJ Snorlax, boR, RoboJoe

Guest Derps:
Miss Terri Guest
Doctor Misses the Dirty Hipster



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