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VOTE NERDY SHOW! Help Us Get a 100k Grant

Posted by Cat on June 9, 2015

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Help us Nerdy Show fandom, you’re our only hope.

Okay, so maybe we’re not in a life-or-death struggle with a galactic empire, but as a grassroots, listener-supported nerd network… we need all the help we can get. And all we need is the click of a button.

Mission Mainstreet and Chase bank are awarding $100,000 grants to small businesses. We’ve submitted our application, but to qualify we need votes – at least 250.

UPDATE: Thanks to our amazing fans we’ve surpassed the 250 vote mark! We’ll hear the results in September.

UPDATE 9/17/15: It’s official, we didn’t get the grant. Congratulations to all the recipients. If you know anyone interested in investing in a nerdy podcast network, you know who to call. (Hint: Nerdy Show)


But what are we going to do with $100,000?


At this point, Nerdy Show is still a full-time hobby. We’re running on borrowed time and passion while working full-time muggle jobs. We’ve got plenty of projects that have taken years to come out (and more than a few we’re still working on). We’re working towards a bigger, better, self-sustainable, full-time Nerdy Show… but at a slow and steady snail’s pace. This grant could give us the boost we need to swiftly enact long-gestating plans to monetize The Nerdy Show Network.

We’ve been relying exclusively on fan-funding for a long time. That’s not likely to change, and you guys are the best. You keep the lights on and our hopes alive. The short version is: podcasts are near impossible to monetize. There’s exceptions to that rule but they are surely agents of vile, dark forces. In order to tap into more traditional forms of online income like advertising partnerships we need to expand our output: more article and videos = more traffic = profit. That means amping up our fledgling article and video divisions. Most importantly we need to evolve without sacrificing who we are and what we do – maintain our by fans, for fans voice and the podcast content that we love making.

We’d invest this money in people and resources, allowing us the opportunity to devote more time to The Network, increase our output, enact all the site upgrades, and expand our operation to the point where we can be a more competitive presence – pulling in new fans and bigger partners so we can keep doing what we do best: making the raddest nerdy entertainment in the multiverse.

You can bet your asteroids that you’d see more of the podcasts you love including the return of shows on hiatus, further development of projects like Lightning Dogs, our tabletop RPG shows, and even the creation of a division of The Nerdy Show Network dedicated exclusively to tabletop gaming. That’s all stuff currently on our docket.

We’ve got thousands of fans who believe in what we do – this is a house we’ve built together. Grant or no grant, this is what we’re doing; it’s what we’re working towards. What this opportunity represents is our ability to do it harder, better, faster, stronger.

All you need to do is click a button and we’re that much closer to this being a very real possibility.

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