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Cap’s Secret of Mana Valentines Circa 1995

Posted by Cap on February 12, 2013

SoM valentines feat

Secret of Mana hit the US in October ’93.  I’d first seen it in a magazine and was blown away by the vibrant, cartoony art style.  It was like nothing that generation of gaming had seen before.  It took me a long time to save up for it (it was $70!), and when it was finally in my hands, I was obsessed.  Fast-forward to February ’95, I’ve beaten the game, but am still playing it.  I decide to create hand drawn Valentines for my 5th grade class – each one of them is based on Secret of Mana.  Using a strategy guide and my saved games I took as much in-game visual reference as I could to create unique cards.

Last year I published some RPG Valentines I’d made in ’96 and ’97, but never gave out – featuring more Secret of Mana as well as Earthbound (my new RPG obsession), Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore, Mario RPG, and Breath of Fire II.  I thought that my Secret of Mana cards were lost to time as soon as I gave them out, but this past Christmas I found out that my mom laser copied them!  Below are 12 of the lost SoM cards from Valentine’s Day 1995. My class was bigger than 12 students, so there must’ve been more cards made, but it’s awesome to see any of them again.  And now I get to give them out twice!

Happy Valentine’s Day Internet!


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