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The Real Congregation :: Direct Hits :: 01/21/13

Posted by MarcWithaC on January 22, 2013

The Real CongregationAfter some themed shows, Marc With a C gets back into the proverbial groove of the journey through his record collection. This week he’ll chat about a variety of topics, including but not limited to: butchering the German language, the Texas Chainsaw franchise, some songs that would be massive hits in an alternate universe, plus, he gets back to a segment of “Strange Records Of The Week” featuring two tracks by the same group. Plus, some new releases, and some controversial views on the ever-popular Arcade Fire.

Stay tuned until the very end for some hints about what’s coming up in the next few weeks, too!


  1. Globus :: A.R. & Machines
  2. Call You Mom :: They Might Be Giants
  3. Hot Dog! (That Made Him Mad) :: Wanda Jackson
  4. Hand Of The Almighty :: John R. Butler
  5. Strange Bird :: Lisa Germano
  6. If You Don’t Want My Peaches :: Fox
  7. Everywhere That I’m Not :: Translator
  8. Sex Over The Phone :: Village People
  9. Big Mac :: Village People
  10. Election Day :: Arcadia
  11. From The Air :: Laurie Anderson
  12. Formed A Band :: Art Brut
  13. Direct Hit :: Art Brut
  14. Lava :: An April March
  15. Peppermint Lump :: Angie
  16. About Me :: Another Girl
  17. The Oasis :: The Apples In Stereo
  18. Brazil :: Arcade Fire
  19. Solid Space :: Jon Anderson


About MarcWithaC

I was born at a very young age. After that, I made a lot of records. Used to host The Real Congregation for Nerdy Show. Now I just sort of pop up when needed, and I'm the general manager for Nerdy.FM, our 24/7 radio station dedicated solely to nerdy music! Also, still making records.

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