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Season 4 Episode 71 :: Microsode – Villains Created by Heroes

Posted by NerdyShow on January 10, 2013

villains created by heroes300As we prepare for the next big thing from Nerdy Show, it’s once again: Microsode Time. This Microsode comes at the request of Big Bad Shadow Man. He has commanded us to discuss villains whose (secret) origin is the direct result of a hero.  How tragic.  As if Batman’s life wasn’t hard enough!

Join Cap, Hex, Brian, Tony, and Doug and Josh from Ghostbusters Resurrection for a discussion about which dastardly schmucks make the grade across the whole of popular culture and mythology – including a few you might not expect.

Don’t forget, if you want a microsode of your own choosing – just support the show and a topic could be yours!  What’s more, some generous folks have opened their topics up to community suggestion.  Post yours here!


  • Iron Man :: Black Sabbath Iron Man - Lords of Dogtown (Music from the Motion Picture)



  • Lex Luthor’s 40 cakes in continuity
  • Atomic Robo Volume 3 – digital
  • Atomic Robo Volume 5 – digital


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