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Weekly Round-Up :: 5.3.12

Posted by Sophia Horn on May 6, 2012


Nerdy Show Prime :: Bacon – Because you demanded it! Nerdy Show has created an episode completely dedicated to bacon. But not just an episode – a VIDEO: Nerdy Meal Time. Cap and Brandon drove all the way from Orlando, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee to make a Star Wars-themed feast with The Protomen in the style of Epic Meal Time. In the podcast we interview bacon-makers to find out where this succulent meat comes from, as well as provide behind-the-scenes insight into the making of our video.

The Hex Grid :: VGMix – This musically driven episode of the Hex Grid enlightens listeners on the remixing community called VGMix. Hex has invited Stevo “Level 99″ Bortz of OCAD to chat about the topic and Cap has entered the Hex Grid as well!

Flame On! :: Marvel Movies 101 – A heated discussion on every Marvel movie ever made as we ramp up for The Avengers.

The Real Congregation :: Do the Hammerlock! – Who needs complicated episode themes? This week’s episode HAS NO THEME. Marc shares some tunes, lets you in on his thoughts, and uncovers the latest “Strange Records of the Week.”

Nerdy Showcase

Wicked Anime at Anime Boston and Best Animes of 2011 – Interested in what’s going on in the world of anime? Wicked Anime has you covered. This video series is the newest addition to Nerdy Showcase and offers up fun, fast-paced videos on the latest in Japanimation.

Wicked Anime reviews Medaka Box – Interested in what’s going on in the world of anime? Well Nerdy Show has you covered. Wicked Anime is reviewing the new animes of the season! Check out this week’s video of Wicked Anime diving into Gainax’s Medaka Box.


Triforce Mike Archives :: The Hungry Turtle – Another gem has been uncovered from the Triforce Mike Archives! Back in ’04/’05 Mike created a created a comic called The Hungry Turtle and it is genius. Follow the journey of this struggling turtle and what he does to control his hunger.


$upport the Show :: Fan Fiction – If you support Nerdy Show, we’ll write the fan fiction of your dreams. It’s the easy. Get in on the action before it’s too late!

Congratulations to “Gender/sexuality bias & stereotypes in the media”, the winning topic in April’s Flame On $upport Drive!

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A lover of all things nerdy, Sophie is generally found perusing comic book shops or googling the nearest donut spots. Impassioned Star Wars conversations, nostalgic retro gaming, and discussing old-school hip hop as if it was fine wine are some of her favorite things.

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