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Weekly Round-Up :: 3.24.12

Posted by Sophia Horn on March 24, 2012

Nerdy Show

Episode 41 (Massive Expectations) – Colin, Hex, Cap, Jon, and Tony discuss the epidemic that is Mass Effect 3. Join them as they cover every emotion they went through while playing the game. There is a spoiler-free portion and a completely spoiler-ific portion, but you will be notified of the transition.

The Hex Grid: Episode 1 (Maverick Rising) –  Hex’s love for nerd music knows no bounds! In order to ensure you’ve got the down-low on the latest in nerd music, Hex has started a new show. This episode is focused on the latest OverClocked Remix album, Maverick Rising.

Nerdy Showcase

The Real Congregation: Karen Santorum Nude Pics (Part Two) – Marc with a C and Jason Nesmith of Casper & The Cookies finish up their discussion about the almighty, Frank Zappa.


Geek Cr3d: The Creators Project – Jessica was able to attend The Creators Project in San Francisco – where art and technology combine! Check out her article and feel like you were there too.

Comic Review: “COMICS: Saturday Night Live” – Check out my first comic review for Nerdy Show where I discuss Bluewater Productions’ new SNL comic book and reminisce about comedy and the stressful life of SNL founder, Lorne Michaels.

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A lover of all things nerdy, Sophie is generally found perusing comic book shops or googling the nearest donut spots. Impassioned Star Wars conversations, nostalgic retro gaming, and discussing old-school hip hop as if it was fine wine are some of her favorite things.

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