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Weekly Round-Up :: 3.16.12

Posted by Sophia Horn on March 16, 2012

Hey guys! We’re adding a new reoccurring feature to the Nerdy Show page – the Weekly Round-Up.  We post a lot of content and some of it might get lost in the aether.  We can’t have that, can we?  So look forward to these every week to compile all the fun we’ve had, and maybe some fun you missed.


Oh hey there. I’m Sophia, one of the Nerdy Show interns. What do interns do at Nerdy Show? Stalk the page, basically. So why not make it public? Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up where I give you a recap on all the Nerdy Show riff-raff. However, to start this thing off with a bang, this first recap is going to be a huge one: Everything new that has happened as of late February up to the present. But after this one… It will be weekly, I promise. So saddle up for a, MEGA ROUND-UP.

Nerdy Show

Episode 37.5: Microsode (Truly, Truly Outrageous) – Cap, Brian, and Comics Alliance‘s Chris Sims discuss Jem and the Holograms, the outrageous, in your face 80s character and her impact on glam and fashion. *Snap*

Episode 38: Microsode (The Wizardry of Whedon) – Mike, Hex, and Cap reflect on the incomparable work of the amazing Joss Whedon, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and more recently lending his genius to The Avengers. Listen and agree.

Episode 39: MegaCon ‘12 Cap, Brian, Tony, and Flame On’s Bryan discuss their MegaCon experience. This year the crew went all out for the event. How you ask? Well, how about debuting the first issue of the Dungeons & Doritos comic, hosting a panel (full audio in the episode), and hanging with Brian Clevinger? If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, nothing can.

Episode 39.5: Microsode (Viva la Vita)Brandon, Jonna, Cap, Tony, and an occasional Hex discuss what the Playstation Vita has to offer after Brandon was able to get his hands on Sony’s new handheld.

Episode 40: Microsode (John Carter)John “Hex” Carter, Cap, and Flame On’s Bryan demand listeners to watch the sci-fi film, John Carter. Hex and Cap were able to catch the sneak preview and cannot live with clear consciences if they don’t share how completely underrated this badass sci-fi is.

Episode 40.5: Microsode (Creepypasta) – Cap, Colin, Luke, and Brandon share spooky stories from the Internet during an actual dark and stormy night.  It is required that you listen to this episode at night with all the lights turned off.

Nerdy Show Prime: Nerdcore (Parts 1 & 2)This episode’s full title is “Nerdcore: The Past, Present, and Future of Nerd Music” and Hex, Cap and Triforce Mike cover the full span along with Z from Hipster, Please! and Wired’s GeekDad and Adam WarRock. Part 2 features an interview with some of the biggest names in Nerdcore: MC Lars, Random, K-Murdock, Tribe One, and Adam WarRock recorded during the Race Wars Tour.
Part 1 | Part 2

Nerdy Strip (It’s About Damn Time)Check out the latest Nerdy Strip, where Tony realizes… We need more Nerdy Strips.

Video: Cap Interviews Dan Aykroyd – Cap had the chance to interview legendary comedy actor, UFO enthusiast, and Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd. Look forward to a full Ghostbusters episode featuring this interview and more soon!

Dungeons & Doritos

Dungeons & Doritos Issue 1Written by Triforce Mike and drawn by Tony Baldini. Don’t miss out on purchasing the first issue of the 4-issue mini-series.  Issue 1 discovers Vimak’s origin! Each book devoted to one adventurer, all-together telling the tale of how the unlikely D&D companions’ fates intertwined. Available in digital and print! Limited sketch cover too!

Video: The Quest for Doritos Locos TacosFollow Vimak’s in his delicious, rigorous journey to Taco Bell, where he tries the new Doritos Loco Taco.

Nerdy Showcase

Flame On: Crossplaying with the Gay Comic Geek – Join Bryan the Barely Bear, Jarrod the Alterna-Guy, Eric the Muscle Pig, Oral the Catty Sick Black Friend, The Question of Questionable Sexual Practices and guest star, the Gay Comic Geek, Paul as they discuss movies, games, comics, and of course, nerd fitness!

Flame On: Microsode (Bears 101) – In this very special Flame On! microsode, Bryan and Jarrod talk to Charger Stone of the DC Bëar Crüe about what it means to be a bear, what the difference is between a wolf and an otter, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about bear culture

The Real Congregation: The Vinyl-Only Trilogy – Marc ventures through three formats and four episodes to bring you some greatest hits from his record collection.  Yes, his actual record collection.  No mp3s this time, he’s only spinning vinyl.  Grab some box wine, and get ready for adventure.
7″ | 1o” | 12″ Part1 | 12″ part 2

The Real Congregation: Karen Santorum Nude Pics (Part One) – Marc with a C discusses one of the greatest composers in the history of recorded media, Frank Zappa. But he’s not alone in his nostalgic journey, Jason Nesmith of Casper & The Cookies co-host the two part episode!

Kilplix’s Flash Game Review –

High Vaultage – This new weekly review series is dedicated specifically to flash games, and the first review goes to Ostrich Banditos‘ High Vaultage distributed by Mochi Games.

Fart Fart – Never played Fart Fart from Japan? Allow Kilplix to console all your curiosities through this must see review.


Triforce Mike Fan Tribute-Sode This episode is a tribute to one of the most amazing, unique, hilarious, and charismatic people who graced the planet, Triforce Mike. Listen as the crew and friends share their memories of Mike Pandel. If you ever laughed along with him, or dared to be different, you’ll carry him with you wherever you go.


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A lover of all things nerdy, Sophie is generally found perusing comic book shops or googling the nearest donut spots. Impassioned Star Wars conversations, nostalgic retro gaming, and discussing old-school hip hop as if it was fine wine are some of her favorite things.

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