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Pokéballs of Steelix :: Episode 1 :: Smell Ya Later

Posted by NerdyShow on October 6, 2011

Nerdy Show’s Pokémon tabletop RPG returns! In our last Pokésode, we celebrated the release of Pokémon Black & White, and tried out an open-source, fan-made Pokémon tabletop game. As with Dungeons & Doritos before it we had a lot of fun, and folks wanted more – so we had to keep it going!  That was but episode zero, now experience episode one, as our heroes say, “smell ya later” to the life they knew.

Forty some odd years after Pokémon Red & Blue, Ash Ketchum (aka Red) runs a Pokémon Training Academy.  Following some strange events with a sinister new Pokémon, Professor Ketchum has enlisted five unlikely would-be Pokémon trainers on a mysterious quest: adventure into the world of Pokémon in the care of a legendary egg!  Darin challenges his professor to a gym battle, Jamesy has a vision, Marty gets injured, Jumanji gets sick, and Tark… Tark causes a lot of trouble. Embark on a new adventure!

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  1. Game On :: Fishy
  2. Out of Antidote :: Cerrax
  3. My Friend Mudkip :: halc


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Nerdy Show’s Pokémon Character Sheets [Updated 10/11]:

Darin Kobe :: Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark

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