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Season 4 Episode 22.5 :: Microsode – Micro-Size Me

Posted by NerdyShow on August 29, 2011

Starting this month we’ve added a bonus feature to our donations drives – every time our cumulative total passes a $100 mark, the donor responsible gets to give us a topic for a 15-minute Microsode and name who they’d like to lead the discussion! The first donor to give us a topic was berto.el.con and his topic… was “Fast Food” with a decidedly unspecified host.  So join Hex, Cap, Mike, Jonna, and Colin for an adventure into the greasy world of fast food!

This episode might not be Super-Sized, but the discussion is saturated in fast food culture and our personal eating experiences.  Listen to Hex punish himself with a day of eating nothing but McDonalds, and try to convince someone in the studio to eat the Big Mac he got for only $1 with his combo meal.


  1. Whatever You Like :: “Weird Al” Yankovic Whatever You Like (Parody of
  2. Mayor McCheese :: Heath McNEase

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