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E3 2011 Vidcast 02 & 03 :: Wakfu MMO Gameplay Demo – Secrets Revealed!

Posted by Cat on June 8, 2011

Join the Nerdy Show crew as they meet up with Franko Fonseca (Assistant Producer with Square Enix) and Lead Game Designer, Julien Blondel as they demo the gameplay for upcoming MMO Wakfu. Julien shows Triforce Mike, Brandon, and Matt some never before seen secret areas, dungeons, in game combat, and fan-favorite locales lifted directly from the anime!

Check out Part 2 of this demo to learn how Politics and Government play a huge role in the MMO–you could be the next Governor of The Disciples of Otomai!

Players are voted into Governorship by other players in the game and can then choose their cabinet! But be careful, the throne of the Governor (which only he can sit in) can be stolen through political intrigue and impeachment! Will you declare war on the other factions? Will you be peaceful and share your territory-specific resources? What laws will you create and uphold? Its all up to you in the amazing political system of Wakfu!

Hear the guys talk about this and other experiences in our E3 Day 2 Podcast.

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