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The Server of Awesome, now with Google Maps, kinda…

Posted by Jon on February 4, 2011

Something we like to do whenever we post an article about the Server of Awesome is provide updated maps. However, as the server got bigger and bigger, so did our file size and so did the output size of the maps. Eventually they got so big Cartograph would break when we ran it and we had to switch to mcmap. Our most recent map, take on the 22nd, just before our Minecraft Build-A-Thon started, weighs in at 118 MBs of data- too big for some people to even be able to open after downloading it, much less actually view it online. We’ve been joking that we need a Google maps like system to be able to handle it, and now by using Tectonicus we have the power.

The Server of Awesome is kind of big, so the first time I tried out Tectonicus it crashed at 5:30 AM after running for 15 hours generating incredibly detailed high zoom images. Needless to say that didn’t work out all too well (also it generated over 50 GBs of data). After turning the zoom down a bit though I managed to generate this beauty…


*It’s important to note- there’s some glitches, some chunks that are missing, but they’re nominal. Also, we’re experiencing some inexplicable slowdown with the site.¬† We’re looking into it- but the map may take some time to load between depths of zooming.

If ye not be impressed by low-res Googlified maps, and want MASSIVE maps fit for a GOD, please enjoy these:

Hi-Res day, night, and cave maps captured 1-22-11

ALSO- Don’t forget our 1st ever Minecraft Build-A-Thon going on now through Feb 12th!

This contest is gonna be a ton of fun and there are some amazing prizes lined up. Listen to the episode to hear us talk about the contest and the treasures awaiting you. And then click the banner above to find out how to enter. Be sure to read all the rules to ensure that your entry qualifies! And also build in style with a skin from our contest co-sponsor, Minecraft-Skins.

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