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  1. Sightseeing on the Server of Awesome :: Memorials For Our Fallen Comrade

    Hey there Minecrafters, it’s been a while! I’ve been working on an article to showcase all the amazingly epic works you all have graced the new Server of Awesome with since it’s inception, but first tings first. You may all have heard (and who hasn’t at this point), that our beloved Triforce Mike has left […]

  2. The Server of Awesome: A History of Transportation, Nowhere, and MORE!

    Hola! Como estas Minecrafters?! Welcome to another riveting, exciting and dare I say sexy adventure! It’s been eons since our last posting and, as always, many things have been going on in the SoA.¬† Hope you’ve bee keeping up on the forums! A lot has been going on in Notchworld as well. There are updates […]

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