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Posted by Sketchadude on September 28, 2010

And thus does the epic of Kevin Bacon who is not Kevin Bacon come to a close.  The town of Bitmont has been saved from a chiptuneless existence thanks to the power of a child’s plaything.  Pixar would be proud.

Part 1:The Arrival

Part 2: Bits and Pieces

And it is at this time that I’ll let you all know about a very special event going on this weekend.  You folks like the strip, or at least the artwork?  How would you like to see the artist work himself to the bone over the course of a 24 hour period?

Well now’s your chance!

This weekend, starting on October 2nd, 2010, is the 24 Hour Comics Day! Both I and Hex will be participating, and as an opportunity for you folks to see the process of creating a 24 page comic over a 24 hour period, we’ll be streaming the whole 24 hour ordeal!  You’ll get to see Mike, Hex, and myself (at least in passing) as I slave over a drawing table.  We’ll be posting the Ustream address the day of the “performance”.  Wish me luck everybody!

Based on a Screenplay by Tony Baldini (Warning: NSFW)

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