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NERDY STRIP 20: Filling In CHAIR’s Crack

Posted by Sketchadude on July 5, 2010

Plot Hole


As you folks may recall, in the second episode of Dungeons and Doritos, CHAIR came into possession of an Asperger’s Asbestos Bear rug.  It was the little tyke’s first time experience with clothing/a portable marriage official.  But aside from a mention in the Quest for the Erotic Pangolin, CHAIR’s rug was never heard from again… UNTIL NOW!

Oh!  Here be a link to the Maze episode, in case you’d all forgotten about that little “Death Shack” which was referenced in the strip.

It should also be made mention of that there is a new feature coming to Nerdy Show… Specifically Nerdy Strip.  The details of which are still being hammered out.  Once there is something concrete in place, word will be put out.  Until then, fair readers, stay tuned!

Words and art by yours truly, Tony Baldini.

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