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E3 Vidcasts :: Epic Mickey & Tron Evolution

Posted by Cat on June 19, 2010

A few months ago we got super-excited about a Disney Interactive game called Epic Mickey.  But why would we care about  Disney game?  Because the brains behind this project is Warren Spector, the legendary game designer behind System Shock and Deus Ex.  Spector’s goal with this game was to return Mickey to his mischievous cartoon roots and reference eclectic Disney history all the way to Walt’s original star cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  The game is built specifically for Wii using the system’s capabilities to their fullest and is intended to bring out the darker rapscallion side of the Mouse, rather than his vacant corporate facade.   We won’t really see the depth of the game until it comes out – but we were able to take a look at the gameplay and Epic Mickey looks like it just might live up to the hype.

The Tron Evolution booth was a sight to behold.  The light cycle from ComicCon was in attendance as was a healthy dose of glittering blue neon and dark chrome.  Will Tron Evolution be a game worth playing, or just another pointless film tie-in?  Only one way to find out:

Along with the games Disney was showing off some accessories from Performance Designed Products including this cool Epic Mickey accessory:

Epic_mickey_Paintbrush_OPAnd these jaw-droppingly awesome Tron controllers:

tron controllers(Yes, they really do light up like that.)

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