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The Ballad of Willrow Hood by Patrick Webster

3rd Place WINNER

What better way to celebrate such a pivotal character than with epic poetry?

The Ballad of Willrow Hood

by Patrick Webster

In final pain a mother cries
Brings a tear to new father’s eyes
A new son in the neighborhood
On Bespin born was Willrow Hood

So he grew up as children ought
Eating ice cream and playing ‘bots
As a teen saw the Rebel crest
Then wondered how to serve them best

And so he left the vistas pretty
En route to Imperial City
To learn his tradecraft if he could
Off the planet went Willrow Hood

Before returned the years did pass
Wealth of knowledge did he amass
And in an office made of glass
Changed the course of Tibanna Gas

Tian Chyler arrived one day
Though what she did she could not say
She did not seem quite as she should
Suspicions raised worked Willrow Hood

Though she claimed to be from Ando
Shortly came a ‘cast from Lando
Betrayed they’d been by the traitor
Now on Bespin was Darth Vader

Quickly he must destroy all trace
Destroy the core! Through halls he raced
Then was captured, though he withstood
Through all torture went Willrow Hood

For years was the place occupied
Tian returned, his help she eyed
Now she worked for the Alliance
Trust she built and earned compliance

A simple man though he may be
His actions shaped the galaxy
So please raise a drink if you would
To unsung hero, Willrow Hood!

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