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Flame On :: Episode 282 :: In Flux With Doctor Who

Posted by Bryan on February 11, 2022

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture.

Aw Flux, another series of Doctor Who is over, but what’s that? Two of your favorite Flame On companions Bryan and BeeJay were agents of Division the whole time? GASP?!

Whether you’re a seasoned Whovian who cut their teeth on jelly babies with the Fourth Doctor, or you’re a newer Whovian who loves the Thirteenth Doctor and her timeless, childlike spirit, this season had a bit of everything for you. Bryan leads us through the ever-changing corridors of the season, starting with the secret lives of the Doctor that were revealed in the previous season and leading into an episode-by-episode breakdown with BeeJay providing his timey-wimey perspective on each cliffhanger ending. After the serpent-like story unfolds, the boys celebrate the new year by exploring the queer vibes that the New Year’s special Eve of the Daleks brings to the Who-niverse. Will Yaz admit her secret feelings for the Doctor or will she stay in flux? Will Dan ever be reunited with his alien canine keeper? Tune in and find out!

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON!



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