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All Aboard the Hype Train! SDCC Reveals First American Gods Trailer

Posted by Jess on July 23, 2016

First the bummer: we weren’t able to make good on our quest to attend San Diego Comic Con’s American Gods panel. (Luck pushed too far, and one sweltering wait in an endless line later, we still didn’t get in.)

HOWEVER, even those of us who didn’t make it still get to see the most important bit: the first series trailer!


Now, let’s all take a minute and bask in how amazing this trailer was. After having the show be in developmental limbo for so long, it’s a relief to finally see the characters take form.

American Gods is a novel by Neil Gaiman. It follows the story of Shadow Moon, an ex-con whose life is in shambles after the death of his wife. He comes into the employ of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, and soon finds himself in the midst of a war between old gods and new. It’s a story that will completely envelop you, and while fantastical, feels like it’s happening in the world around you.

It’s not just this trailer to get excited for from the American Gods SDCC panel: Kristin Chenoweth is reunited with showrunner Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) and cast in the role of Easter. Chenoweth rounds out an already all-star cast, and brings her unique vibrancy to the role of an old god attempting to remain relevant by adopting the traditions of the holiday that bears her name.

Everything about this series appears to be coming together perfectly. From the casting, to Gaiman’s close involvement, we can all expect something really special.

So come aboard the hype train, as we chug along toward a 2017 airing!


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