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Weekly Round-Up :: 4.13.12

Posted by NerdyShow on April 13, 2012

It’s a small week for releases, but they pack a punch! This is the calm before the storm as the Nerdy team readies all their PAX video and audio.  In the meantime we’ve got events coming up, and some cool news you may have missed.


$upport the Show (Flame On) – Donate and you can decide the fate of the upcoming Flame On episode! Help our gay, geeky brethren fund con outings and more.  Earn mystery prizes every time they break a hundred!

Ross Butler’s Massive Doritos Care Package – Honorary Producer, Ross Butler, mailed us 20 BAGS of various Doritos including the new JACKED and Dynamitas flavors!  We have the best fans ever.

Dungeons & Doritos

D&D Episode 19 :: Endless Bummer – D&D is back! The series continues as our heroes… battle-weary, hung over, and emotionally shattered… soldier on.  This quest has literally gone straight to hell.

The Dungeons & Doritos Original Soundtrack – Level 99 (aka Stevo from OCAD) and Ryan McQuinn have teamed up to provide D&D with an original score!  They’re designing music for the series overall as well as episode-specific tracks. You can download the tracks and pay what you like for ’em – even free!  But, if you do pay, all proceeds go to the composers.

Chair’s Last Stand (title pending) – Cap announced in a recent forum post that Chair’s final battle will be chronicled in a short online comic! This will go into production next, before D&D issue 2.

Some D&D issue 1 Sketch covers by Cap – While on the plane back from PAX, Cap drew some sketch covers.  These are still unclaimed – if you want one just request it in your order at the Nerdy Store.

Nerdy Show Live

Nerdy Show Live: Tim Curry-A-Thon! – TOMORROW APRIL 14th! From 12pm-12am Eastern we’re going to be watching Tim Curry films and providing a running commentary. Join us via our streaming hub, I see you shiver with antici….. pation.

Nerdy Showcase

The Real Congregation: Conceptual Continuity – Part 1 in a 2 part exploration of concept albums. Marc is joined by Cap and they geek out about some of their favorite concept albums of all time, from rock operas to more truly conceptual affairs. Part 1 chronicles albums from 1969 to 1983.

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