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The Triforce Mike Archives: Young Mike & Brandon Dub He-Man

Posted by Cat on March 27, 2012

We’re starting a new series on the site – The Triforce Mike Archives! You know him and love him – an uncanny nerd, and legendary personality, Mike left behind a legacy of lolz.  This ongoing archive is dedicated to commemorating him and sharing his incredible life and times.

This month we debuted the TV Dub Support Drive. It’s something we’d been talking about since late last year.  I’d never done a dub before, and Shin Chan season 3 got me super-excited to do it. Mike was on board, but little did I know that he and Brandon already had experience dubbing TV shows!  We found this tape from Mike and Brandon’s middle school days in a box with a bunch of Project A-ko recordings, deep in the recesses of Mike’s closet. In it, the young lads dub the Masters of the Universe episode “The Dragon’s Gift”.  It takes a while to get going, but give it time.  It’s hilarious.

Check back for more Triforce Mike Archives. We’ll be posting new treasures as they’re unearthed.

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