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Posted by NerdyShow on April 1, 2016


ep255When The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast isn’t unloading on the latest geek news and happenings, we’re diving deep into the super-specific with listener-requested discussions and interviews. But then on rare occasions… something much more unusual happens…

We’re no strangers to strangeness. We’ve encountered real-life werewolves, experienced hauntings and close encounters; but admittedly it’s been a while since we’ve tangled with the paranormal. Turns out the paranormal isn’t done tangling with us. Our studio equipment is picking up signals from someplace… else. Fortunately we’ve got a spirit box to tune in, and what we found will shock you.

Join Cap, Doug, boR, and Tony as we listen in on other realities and discover if our geeky programming is truly the finest in the multiverse. Learn dark truths on Greetings from Twilight Gulch, hear the most inoffensive words imaginable on Safe Words, stay vigilant in humanity’s war with the Lizard Men on Scale Watchers, discover unique new foods on Quinowhaaaaa?, get sound advice from The No Fangs Radio Hour, and even listen in on a Nerdy Show from a much darker timeline. Journey with us to a new dimension in podcasting!

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  • Delphi

    Probably one of my new favorite episodes. My favorite bit was the Nightvale parody. It was very funny, although not quite true to the original. Nightvale’s thing is more like describing something absurd and/or horrifying, but acting like its completely normal. I feel like you nailed it on the first part but were lacking on the second, though maybe in the nature of parody that’s actually what you were going for. Still funny either way. Sports was great too, but for completely different reasons. It sounded like the sort of joke that Brandon would make on the show normally, completely off the cuff. I could totally see him going on a tirade about different bird themed sports teams, focusing on the birds in question rather than the games. I’m hoping there’s more of that to be released later as a Patreon extra.

    • capblackard

      Thanks Delphi! Really glad you dug this episode! It was a true labor of love.
      Extended Twilight Gulch (with more Sports attached) is coming to Patreon today!

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