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Nerdy Show Prime: Life Day Spectacular

Posted by NerdyShow on December 24, 2011

Winter holiday specials are a time honored tradition. Some are simply strange attempts to cash in on the holiday season (*cough*StarWars*cough*), others are brilliant, creative outpourings in the name of warmth, family, togetherness, and the hope that maybe, just maybe we can make the world a better place.  We’d like to think this is the latter, but we’re willing to bet you’ll disagree.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season – Nerdy Show is right there with you! We’ve got a nondenominational fest-stravaganza! (Well, unless Wookie is a denomination). Yes, it’s that time of year again, Life Day, when all Wookies return to Kashyyyk to celebrate. But unfortunately for Nerdy Show’s Wookie friend, Grumpy, he can’t get a lift to the forested planet. Instead, the Nerdy crew are taking him up to Brian’s cabin in the woods where he can commune, but there’s one big problem – they’re stuck in the worst holiday traffic jam of all time!

Join the entire Nerdy Show gang – yes, all of us – including Flame On and Marc With a C as well as special guests I Fight Dragons! Plus a Dungeons & Doritos Crunchmas Special! We guarantee, you’ve never in your life experienced a holiday show like this.


  1. Change of Heart :: Jim Dooley Change of Heart - Pushing Daisies (Original Television Soundtrack)
  2. DJAAA :: George & Jonathan
  3. Carol of the Bells :: Square Wail
  4. The Empire Strikes Back Medley :: Meco The Empire Strikes Back Medley: Darth Vader/Yoda's Theme - The Best of Meco
  5. Pink Christmas :: Moneyshot Cosmonauts
  6. A Dirty Gay Christmas :: Jonny McGovern A Dirty Gay Christmas - A Dirty Gay Christmas
  7. Twas the Night Before Christmas :: Mega Ran
  8. I Had a Nightmare Before :: Hurrigame Boy
  9. This Christmas (I Wish I Was Alone) :: Cap & Pixleh8
  10. The Closing of the Year :: Wendy & Lisa featuring Seal
  11. Crunchmas Don’t Be Late :: The Cast of Dungeons & Doritos
  12. Death of Santa [Live at MAG Fest 2010] :: Temp Sound Solutions
  13. What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas? :: Marc With a C
  14. Holiday Treats :: MC Lars feat. Adam WarRock
  15. Alien For Christmas :: I Fight Dragons
  16. Arabesque No. 1 :: Isao Tomita


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  • BertoElCon

    This is the best holiday special I have ever heard, for any holiday.

  • Cap

    Thanks man! We think so too! If you know any people who may be susceptible to its awesomeness pass it around – we’d love new people to hear it.

  • Arkyrion

    Wow. Lefty has a really good singing voice. If only the same could be said for Chair… I think that actually scraped some paint off my walls.

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