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Flame On :: Episode 212 :: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Posted by Bryan on November 9, 2018

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture!

This is your black baptism and it’s time for you to sign your name in the Book of the Flame… wait, that’s not how it’s supposed to go! Bryan, Erik, Beejay, and Pat the Talking Bear Skin Rug have assembled their coven to discuss the spooky new series on Netflix, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! A darker take on the classic Sabrina tales, the show follow half witch/half mortal, Sabrina Spellman as she approaches her 16th birthday and a huge decision on which path she will choose and if she will fulfill her witch-ly destiny. Although there are some spoilers, the coven keeps this episode fairly spoiler free, so even if you haven’t finished watching the season, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this episode!

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON!

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Just a 30-something coder/musician/gardener with a penchant for all things gay and geeky. Creator/Host of the Flame ON! podcast!

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