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Nerdy Show :: 2010 FINAL BOSS

Posted by NerdyShow on January 8, 2011


2010… What a year!  Our second mission to Jupiter, followed by that ill-fated Chinese mission… Jupiter imploding into a second sun, never experiencing night time again, computers you can take to the beach! Honestly, we didn’t ever think we’d make it this far.  It’s truly been an odyssey.

Yeah, so maybe we’re not where Arthur C. Clarke predicted we’d be by 2011.   It was still a heck of a year and some amazing things went down, but you know what’s at the end of every adventure – THE FINAL BOSS and our TOP 20 NERDY THINGS list

In this episode we send off 2010, by recognizing some of the year’s greatest achievements – not separated by any type, genre, or phylum, but by their purest form of measurement – their NERDINESS!  Join us for an adventure though 2010’s highest highs and lowest lows as we give props to the persons, places, items, and concepts that out-scienced, out-gamed, and out-awesomed all the rest.

Listen in here:

CAUTION – Below there be spoilers


  1. Far :: George Hrab Far - Trebuchet
  2. Schaffer the Darklord :: The Bender The Bender - Manslaughterer
  3. Ducktales with Lyrics (Moon Theme) :: Brentalfloss Ducktales With Lyrics (Moon Theme) - What If This Cd... Had Lyrics?
  4. Ring Capacity :: Kirby Krackle Ring Capacity - E for Everyone
  5. This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Sunday Hangover Remix) :: OK Go This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Sunday Hangover Remix) - Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (Extra Nice Edition)
  6. Little Nemo: The Dream Master :: Linus Akesson
  7. Airbrushed :: Anamanaguchi
  8. Flying Man :: Mustin
  9. Ira Glass :: Adam Warrock Ira Glass - The War for Infinity
  10. TRON Legacy (End Titles) :: Daft Punk TRON Legacy (End Titles) - TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  11. Human Rocket :: Devo Human Rocket - Something for Everybody (Deluxe Version)
  12. Metal Man Bossfight [Live @ Nerdapalooza 2010] :: The Megas & Megaran

Other Featured Music:

  • The Alan Wake score by Petri Alanko Alan Wake (Original Score) - Petri Alanko
  • The Mass Effect 2 score by Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, David Kates, and Jimmy Hinson Mass Effect 2 - EA Games Soundtrack & Jack Wall
  • The TRON Legacy score by Daft Punk TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Daft Punk

CLICK to behold!

The TOP 20 NERDY THINGS of 2010

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  • Ghouleh

    That was truly an epic Final Boss.
    I must say that the music was General Awesomeness awesome, and I imagine it was no easy task to decide the places in the list, and even though I might not agree with everything on that list(it is, after all, impossible to please everyone), the care and effort put into it is visible for all to see.
    I wholeheartedly agree about the higher meaning of TRON Legacy. Me, I loved the movie. I usually shun movies without a compelling story, but the sheer impact of the looks and the music(GOD the music) more than made my ticket worth it. I do really hope it ends up being profitable enough for Hollywood to dip it’s grubby paws deeper into the nerd wellspring.
    Also worth mentioning are the impact you have on your fanbase. I’d never have played Mass Effect if not for you. Never would have watched&read Kickass. Hell, never would’ve known of George Hrab and his insanely good music.
    All in all, t’was a great year for nerd culture, for Nerdy Show, and for Nerdy Show fans. Keep it up, I say!

  • Ben

    More Nerdy Show goodness! What else could I ask for? FYI, while listening to this show I pre-ordered Volume 1 of Morning Glories and bought the Ok Go album and an E-Tank mug.

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  • Tolan

    A fine episode as usual (has there ever been a bad one?)
    Gotta say, was not surprised to see minecraft at the top spot. Much like protomen last year, it was the thing you guys spent the most time talking about episode to episode.

    On walking dead, I’m fairly sure I read somewhere that the story about them firing the writing staff was a myth. Did not know the thing about why there were only 6 episodes this season. Guess that’s why I listen to nerdy show.

    Felt the epsiode was a little quiet, I had to turn my headphones to like, 95% to hear it clearly (although that could be my cheap headphones) also the episode hasn’t shown up on iTunes yet.

    Ghouleh mentioned your impact on listeners, and I have to say that without nerdyshow, I wouldn’t even know nerdcore and most of nerd music in general even existed. Sure, I listened to the arrogant worms and weird al and a couple others, but the vast majority of nerd music was lost to me. So, you know, thanks for that.

    A fine year, and I hope 2011 is even better.

  • Cap

    @Ben lol, that’s awesome! We (tentatively) own the same stuff!

    @Tolan @Ghouleh

    Thanks so much, guys! It’s always awesome to hear stuff like that.

    As for the technical issues… I’m looking into it!

  • Cap

    Huh, the iTunes issue is… illusive. The last two episodes haven’t gone up. Did some stuff, it’ll be a while before I find out if it worked.

    As for the volume, has anyone else found it to be too low? It plays fine on my speakers.

  • I wish I had the full top 20 list in the show notes…I was looking for the Earthbound proposal and the Star wars prequels reviews…and that is just stuff I remember from 5 hours ago.

  • Cap

    @Shaded Spriter

    There’s a link above, with all the fixin’s!

    But I’ll put it here too:

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