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About The Nerdy Show Network:

The Nerdy Show Network is a nerd entertainment network, specializing in podcasts and dedicated to geeky programming for all nerds across the multiverse: nerd culture, nerd news, and nerd music.  Providing quality audio and video amusement since 2009, Nerdy Show is one of the Net’s longest-running nerd podcast networks. We’re home to hilarious talk shows covering the full expanse of nerd topics from comics and video games, to science and technology, and beyond – as well as the best roleplaying and audio dramas on the web!

Nerdy Show‘s varied podcast programming are certain to inject a healthy dose nerd humor and infotainment into your daily grind.

About Nerdy Show (The Podcast):

Nerdy Show is The Nerdy Show Network‘s titular flagship podcast – the one that started it all. It’s a weekly talk and humor podcast that embraces all nerdy topics Nerdy Show has featured interviews with major geek celebrities such as: Dan Aykroyd, Gerald Casale (Devo), Thomas Dolby, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Reggie Watts, Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Star Wars: Rebels), Amanda Palmer, Rob Paulsen, Bruce Boxleitner, The Protomen, Jason Aaron (Wolverine & the X-Men), Chris Carter (The X-Files creator), Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and many more. Think of it as the creative epicenter for many of the Network‘s biggest projects such as Dungeons & Doritos and the alternate-reality 80s cartoon show, Lightning Dogs.

The Nerdy Show crew have been “nerdcasting” since 2009.  Founded by Cap Blackard, Nerdapalooza founder – John “Hex” Carter, 8-Bit Theater and Atomic Robo author – Brian Clevinger, and the late, great “Triforce” Mike Pandel these four just did what came natural: nerding out about things they love and making each other laugh.  What sets Nerdy Show and all the other shows on The Nerdy Show Network apart from the rest is character.  Our irreverent and “charming” personalities have garnered a devoted listenership of nerds from all over the world.

In 2012 was rated Best “Local Website” in Orlando by the Orlando Weekly, surpassing our previous rankings of 3rd Best “Radio Personality” in 2009, and 3rd Best “Local Blog” and “Local Website” in 2011. Since 2010 we’ve offered on-site coverage of a multitude of nerd events such as coverage from E3, Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, Nerdapalooza, and more. Nerdy Show’s Minecraft server is among the most creative on the net and our annual “Top 20 Nerdy Things” list, where we rate the year’s geeky happenings, products, and phenomena in all mediums and genres, celebrates how genre-spanning nerdiness can be.

Our podcast roster:

The Nerdy Show Network is perhaps best known for our acclaimed cinematic roleplaying series: Dungeons & Doritos, Pokéballs of Steelix, and Ghostbusters: Resurrection. We feature podcast series from some from some of the biggest names in the Nerd Music community: Bits, Rhymes & Life a slice-of life series from legendary nerdcore rapper Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock; EPIC PIEcast – a talk show from nerdcore giant Schaffer the Darklord, magician Nelson Lugo, and Afterbirth Monkey’s Rachel Schenk; The Nerd Groove an exploration of Nerd Music – past, present and future from Sci-Fried’s Dr. Vern; The Real Congregation – a nerdy journey into unusual music with indie geek rock sensation Marc With A C. Nerd life and culture is expounded on in with Flame On! the all-gay, all-geek podcast; Wicked Anime – an outrageous exploration of Japanese culture; and Derpy Show – the derpiest in nerdy slacker chat. And expanding the world of some of our favorite comics with Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts the behind the scenes companion to the multi-Eisner-nominated comic series, Atomic Robo. And yes, there’s more.

Why we’re “The Original Name in Nerdcasting”

Aside from that “nerdcasting” is a word we made up, Nerdy Show has been in the nerd podcast network game longer than any other major group out there – February 2009. Our origins are humble. We didn’t start with any Hollywood money or investors, just four friends sitting around doing what comes naturally: nerding out about stuff we love and making each other laugh.  Over the years, as our cast, programming, and resources have grown we stay true to our beginnings and above all else: authenticity.


Meet the Team

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