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Unscripted, unrefined, and completely uncouth, Derpy Show is the definitive comedic nerdy podcast about nothing. Join boR, DJ Snorlax, Neofaust, and (occasionally) RoboJoe for a big old helping of derp! They provide twisted viewpoints on every topic presented, make asses of themselves, perform derpy music, and say offensive things! What’s not to love?  New episode every other Friday!


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Derpy Show Crew


Normal Name: Rob
Sex: intellectual singularity, beyond all concept of sex or religion (or so sayeth Neofaust)
Things I’m (currently) obsessed with: Adventure Time, WoW, Soylent, Firefly, Star Trek, Stargate, Incubus, Coheed & Cambria, Pendulum, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nachos
Known for: producing and editing Derpy Show, having a sweet ass, building websites, being creepy
Hates: Apple products, rap music, sunlight

DJ Snorlax

Normal Name: Unknown
Sex: Betamax
Things I Currently Dig: Game of Thrones, The Legend of Korra, Pokemon Black, Styx: The Grand Illusion
Known For: Singing folk songs, being loud, wanting a blackberry
Hates: Going to bed after 10:00PM

DJ NeoFaust

Civilian Name: Stephen
Infatuations: Science, Film, SYNTHESIZERS, fruit mentos and KUNG FU
Infamous For: Pushing play on a CDdeck and standing around, oh and mixing mad beatz on a game-boy.
Hates: not conforming to non-conformity

Nekkid RoboJoe

Normal Name: Joe
Sex: Constantly
Can’t get enough: Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Collecting things, Pokemon, Dragons
Infamous For: Being naked all the time, horrible dancing, “I just want to point out”, having terrible jeans.
Hates: not being able to collect them all

MissTerri Guest

Colloquial Name: Brazzers
Sex: Boobs
Likes: Neverwinter, hitting RoboJoe, tumblr
Famous For: Being able to tame woodland creatures with no effort, being totally goth when she wants to
Hates: things that don’t involve the systematic torture of Joe, those around her

Dr. Mrs. The Dirty Hipster

Normal Name: Emily
Sex: Feminazi
Stuff I guess is kind of alright: Cute animals, Harry Potter, asian food
Famous For: Being the only one who fact checks anything
Hates:  just about everything except for cute animals, Harry Potter, and asian food


Normal Name: jonan pls
Sex: Female
Likes: Lizards, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Sega, butts, kicking dandelions
Famous For: Derpy Show’s whispers, playing Left 4 Dead on YouTube
Hates: Roaches, killing things, pants

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