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The Orphans: A Cinematic Sci-Fi Audio Drama

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The Orphans is a cinematic sci-fi audio drama about survival in a harsh universe: castaways on hostile worlds, A.I.s with unprecedented emotions, strangers who share faces, love and loss in a far-flung future. Each season explores a new vantage point in an ever-expanding and inter-connected galaxy.

Season 1 chronicles the journey of the human crew and the artificial intelligence of a downed starship. Stranded on a hostile planet, struggling to remember how they arrived and who they are, they must learn to work together as they fight for their lives in an alien wilderness to uncover the truth of what lies beyond.

Season 2, Facility, delves into the dark secrets of season 1’s adversary, and season 3, Investigation is a missing persons case in another corner of the galaxy.


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Season 1: Crash

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7

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Fan Q&A  |  Cast Interview: The Girls  |  Cast Interview: The Boys  |  Crew Interviews


Season 2: Facility

In this prequel to Season 1, we go deeper into the history of the mysterious facility as its lone worker struggles on a simple but solitary assignment… until things turns sinister.

Episode 1  |  Episode 2  | Episode 3  |  Episode 4  |  Episode 5  |  Episode 6  |  Episode 7  |  Episode 8 

Bonus Content
An Orphans’ Yule Carol
 Interview: Alex Bird  |  Interview: James Barbarossa  |  Interview: Zachary Fortais-Gomm


Season 3: Investigation

This expansive installment in The Orphans‘ Saga journeys deeper into the universe than ever before. Private investigator, Richard Hart must team up with Diana Strange, fellow clone and a rebel in The Alliance. Together they’re on the hunt for Nora Evers, a founding member of the rebellion, who disappeared and left a mysterious message.

Episode 1  |  Episode 2  |  Episode 3  |  Episode 4  |  Episode 5  |  Episode 6  |  Episode 7  |  Episode 8

Bonus Content
Minisode :: Incident Report: 890372  |  The Orphans Live: Tales From Collective Space
Interview: Gavin Richards & Aimee Kember  |  Interview: Jack Gouldbourne  |  Interview: Brooke Parratt Interview: James Barbarossa  |  Interview: Ella Watts

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