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Season 4 Episode 73 :: State of the Empire – The Force is with Abrams

Posted by NerdyShow on January 28, 2013

state of the empire 2 300Lock S-foils in attack position, ’cause some serious Star Wars news is on the move.  Amidst rumors and refuting, J.J. Abrams has emerged as the official director for Episode VII.  Find out who else turned down the position, our initial speculation on Abrams, and our thoughts on rumors of what the Newer Trilogy’s plot might be. Continuing our tradition of looking for news in Alderaan places, Cap, Hex, Doug, and Marc With a C dig piece together clues from the Internet and our own, Star Wars-addled minds to bring balance to the Force.

BIG NEWS for Willow Watch, a startling confession from Marc, initial reactions to Brian Wood’s Star Wars comic, and more!


  1. Star Wars Uncut – Adam WarRock & Ruckus Roboticus
  2. Star Wars Idiot :: Sci-Fried Star Wars Idiot - Ramming Speed [From
  3. End Titles from Willow :: James Horner Willow (End Titles) [From
  4. When You Wish Upon a Death Star :: The Great Luke Ski


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Discuss the New Star Wars!

  • ChairFan

    I will have to watch Willow for the first time too, Marc.

    Interesting stuff. The Chief Bast stuff is hilarious. I always thought he was like the only smart Imperial. Stormtroopers can’t aim, the Emperor probably should have seen Vader coming what with the Sith propensity for betrayal, and all other Imperials are too arrogant to think they can be taken down. In my “head canon” he made it out alive.

  • Cap


    Good to have you on team Bast, man.

  • Duraphago

    I don’t care how, but “Watto” needs to make more appearances

  • Cap

    I think we can arrange that. If there’s any hint of credits involved, he’ll be there.

  • Doug

    Credits are no good out here. He needs something more reeeal.

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