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Derpy Show :: Episode 34 :: SteaMosDef

Posted by NerdyShow on October 11, 2013

SteaMosDef_smWhat is that creature lurking in the shadows? Where did it come from? What does it want?!
On this herptastic episode of Derpy Show, a wild Gargle-Mel appears and terrorizes the neighborhood. The gang discusses the newly announced SteamOS and Steam Game Pad. Will these revelations elevate the PC Master Race to new heights? DJ Snorlax gets all worked up about food hacks and indulges in a McGangbang. Later, Neofaust may cause a new obsession in all of us when he talks about the benefits of cold brewed coffee. All this and probably some other stuff, on this week’s Derpy Show!

boR, DJ Snorlax, Neofaust

Light Guest Derping:

RoboJoe, MissTerri Guest, Dr. Mrs. The Dirty Dickhead, Jonna



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