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Active Bids:

Star Wreck $306 – Garayur, Joshua Maher, Bryce Harris, M, Anduin, Geoffrey Voss, Barreyi, Cassie Muldrow, Kevin Wise
Shadowrun $283 – Josh Thompson, Pestilence, Tolan, Redion, Duraphago, Jobarda, Tyler Conrad, SageZero, Hugh O’Donnell
Firefly $100 – Kahalis
Mass Effect $60 – Maraun, Shawn Lawlor
Mouse Guard $55 – Benjamin Britt, Geoffrey Voss
World of Darkness $25 – Awesome MegaCon Attendees
Fiasco  $15 – Garayur, Jim Finley
Dresden Files  $11
– Garayur, Jack Oats, Duraphago
Sagas Modern $10
– Anna Barich
Kobolds Ate My Baby $5 – Jack Oats
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $3
– Awesome MegaCon Attendees
Apocalypse World $0

Gamma World $0

Choose which of these systems you’d like to support! Have another in mind? Read below…

Love our ongoing RPG shows like Dungeons & Doritos, Pokéballs of Steelix, and Ghostbusters: Resurrection? How about the fan-requested Paranoia XP 1-shot or Wicked Anime’s Big Eyes Small Mouth special? Now YOU can decide the next RPG 1-shot we record!

Choose from the above list of RPG systems and support your favorite! If you’ve got another system in mind you’d like us to try out, read the submission rules below.

Step 1: Donate to the Network!

Step 2: Tell us what system you’d like us to play (use the comment box when you’re submitting your donation or e-mail

Step 3: Post on the forums why you’re excited for the system you voted on!

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN RPG NOT ON THE LIST? If you have a system you’d like us to try out that’s not on the list, e-mail us! What we’re asking is that the system be something that either 1) we can easily get a hold of at minimum expense or 2) something you can provide to us. Submit your proposal to with the subject heading “RPG support drive submission”.  We’ll let you know if it gets approved.  If so, then all it needs to get posted to the list is an opening donation.

If you’ve got any questions – ask us on the forums!

HOW DOES IT WORK? All contributions to a given topic stack and donors are credited to which system they’re sponsoring. If you really want a system to win, we encourage talking up your pick in the forums.

CURRENT BIDS & TIE-BREAKERS: Currently reigning sponsors are displayed prominently on the right side of the page and all active bids are shown above. In the event of a tie during or at the end of the drive, the contenders will be notified and the person willing to make the highest bid, chooses the final subject.

WHAT NOT TO SUBMIT Systems that are overly “visual” meaning systems very reliant on a board that would make for awkward podcasts. Systems that are hard to come by making it impossible to play. The upcoming Atomic Robo game – we’re already doing that! Coming soon!  Lightning Dogs – this is up for discussion and our stance may change, but we’re still in the process of developing the LDs so we can’t consider doing an RPG yet.

WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to do the show! As an explicit podcast most traditional advertising venues etc. are closed to us. Without your support we can’t afford to produce the show. The response to these support drives has been outstanding and we’re really grateful. Thanks so much!

WHAT DOES THAT INITIAL GOAL OF $300 REPRESENT? That’s the roundabout total of monthly Nerdy Show expenses. Rent for studio space, server costs (hosting and Minecraft server), electricity, etc.

WHAT DO I GET FOR SUPPORTING?  Every time our cumulative total breaks the hundred mark ($100, $200, and so on), the bidder responsible gets to choose the topic of a Nerdy Show Mircosode and which of our hosts will lead the discussion. Also every time you chip in to Nerdy Show you get an an e-mail filled with Nerdy Show Support Perks!


Receive them via e-mail for any contribution amount!

* Be sure to let us know your primary e-mail address if it’s not also your paypal address. Also, some e-mail hosts don’t like to accept as many attachments as we include. If the mail bounces we’ll contact you, but only at the address you’ve provided. Bonus perks are not instantaneous, we’ll get ‘em to you as soon as we can!

ETIQUETTE Nerdy Show reserves the right to interpret the gameplay of the winning system in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining product. When submitting a system please take into consideration what would make for everyone having a fun time. Nerdy Show also reserves the right to interpret microsode suggestions in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining show. When submitting a topic please take into consideration what would make for everyone having a fun time. Also, please use good judgement when suggesting a topic. There isn’t much we won’t talk about, but reserve the right to decline a topic. In that instance the support amount will be refunded.

Send any questions to or ask us on the forums!


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