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  1. sexcriminalsvol1

    REVIEW: Sex Criminals Volume 1

    Posted by Jessica on August 5, 2014

    Sex Criminals tells the story of Suzie and Jon – two individuals who can stop time when having sex. Can a book with such a wacky premise be thought-provoking and heartfelt?

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  2. smc-e3-featured

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 Review :: Mars Power, MAKE UP!

    Posted by Jessica on August 4, 2014

    Welcome back to our ongoing episode reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal! In Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3: Sailor Mars, guardian of fire and passion, has arrived! This episode gravitated still further from the manga, and included additional filler scenes. Despite this, the episode continues the same level of enchantment and magic previously established by the series. These filler moments either provided […]

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