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Brian’s tweet-along reading of the US 1 maxi-series

US-1 #1, “US-1 Comin’ At Ya!” I’m on page 2 and so far I have been told the “wheels of fate” are, in fact, “wheels.”

US Archer, as a child, wants to be a truck driver; goes to college; becomes a computer genius; star quarterback; spends life driving a truck

It sounds inane, BUT Archer has put aside the pursuit of ultimately empty materialistic goals to fulfill his childhood dream.

“…by some miracle, Archer was thrown clear of the crash.” Remember, folks. Seat belts cost more lives than they save. #sciencefact

The infamous “CB Skull” is his skull. Not a plate or a sheath. The whole skull. Well, the parts that aren’t the face anyway.

How many winding cliffs are there in this country? US-1 posits the entire interstate highway system rests on them.

The Highwayman is a Real Evil Guy. Some kinda trucking Bogeyman. He drives an evil black G1 Optimus Prime truck. And is evil.

“He’s trying to drive that sucker right up my tailpipe!” Give that line to Ennis and it becomes a very different comic #itbecomesTheBoys

The first issue concludes with a text piece about the origin of the series. It takes 11 paragraphs.

US-1 #2, “After Midnight” promises to introduce the Catwoman to Archer’s Batman: Midnight.

Furthermore, the cover is brave enough to depict what you will feel like after reading it.

“What d’ya say we TABLE this argument ’til later? I’m even willing to let you CHAIR the meeting.” Furniture = melee weapon = puns = <3

And there’s MIDNIGHT! (oh yeah and her hypno-whip or something. Not sure how/why that works)

“O’course I was poppin’ No-Doz like they were M&Ms, and I had to dodge half the scales between here and Tacoma…” No role models here.

“What’s crazier is that I can tune in specific channels by touching different fillings with my tongue!” That, uh, hmmm. That’s something.

From theisb: @bclevinger MIDNIGHT AND HER HYPNO-WHIP! deserve a comeback. Have you figured out the mystery yet?

@theisb Midnight just told me she always wins. It can’t be that obvious. …Right?

From nerdyshow: @bclevinger @theisb No, no. It’s a STROKE of brilliance!

Archer can beat Midnight’s hypno-whip by chewing gum. No, no, it’s not dumb. See, he chews it WITH the foil wrapper, so.

I wish Midnight would stop referring to “The stroke of Midnight.”

US-1 #3, Rhyme of the Ancient Highwayman, opens on a re-telling of Archer’s origin for reader; then does it again for one of the characters.

Highwayman’s origin! Seems he sought out The Ancient One. Why? To become a better trucker. Do we need Sorcerer Supreme tier power for that?

If you gave Taryn’s dialog to a man, that man would be a rapist character. Taryn is a horrible person is what I’m saying.

(Eeee! There’s Baron von Blimp! But we don’t know that.)

From ivanwilliams: @bclevinger How is this series not a movie already? Even straight-to-video, it sounds more entertaining than say, Man-Thing.

@ivanwilliams Honestly, it would take very little to bring this series back as a cult favorite. Lord knows I’m trying!

Okay. I grossly over-estimated my own endurance here. Three issues is all I can manage at once. On the bright side: BARON VON BLIMP next ish

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