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Dungeons & Doritos :: Endless Bummer

Posted by NerdyShow on April 12, 2012


Our heroes can’t ever catch a break.

The Tiefling Jen’Ifer is sealed in a crystal, Lefty the pirate queen has been abducted by an evil force, and now the party suffers their greatest loss of all…

Battle-weary, hung over, and emotionally shattered, what more can they do but fight on? Vimak, Jamela, and Barty, aided by the wizard, Christopher, chase down their aggressor across time and space only to land in the last place they ever expected: Cleave-Land, a realm of endless bifurcation.

This campaign has gone straight to hell.


D&D now has an original score! Created by Level 99 and Ryan McQuinn, aka the DnD Music Crew. We hope you enjoy lush cinematic soundscapes – ’cause we’ve got ’em now!


  1. A Quest for Dip :: Level 99
  2. What Lurks :: DnD Music Crew
  3. ‘Chair and Back Again’ :: DnD Music Crew
  4. Molten Trenches :: DnD Music Crew
  5. Just Your Average Nonchalant Muzak :: DnD Music Crew
  6. Always Gonna Bring You Lunch (Instrumental) :: DnD Music Crew
  7. Runnin’ :: Sinkane
  8. Jen’Ifer’s Rush (Surf Rock Version) :: DnD Music Crew
  9. Tortilla Odyessey~The Quest Begins :: DnD Music Crew
  10. Ye Jolly Chair :: DnD Music Crew

This episode also features a new track by Sinkane! A solo project from one of the members of incredible prog group, Yeasayer. His new album Mars will be released later this year.



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Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty



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  • Almost cried guys, both near the start of the D&D-ing, and in the usual way (from laughter) – I was really sure that this… This series was done without Mike and Chair. I’m glad we get to keep wandering together

  • Bazinga!

  • Just listened to this a second time…still hard listening to all the goodbyes. I did get a big laugh when I realized that Tortilla Odyessey has Doritos crunching as the part of the percussion.

  • Cap

    @unknowngamer Freaking love the Doritos crunching. Stevo is a genius.

  • Awesome, purely awesome. The goodbyes hit hard but I found it fitting. I’m looking forward for Book 3.

  • Cap


    Glad you liked it, man! Though, it’ll still be a few before Book 3 starts. We’d planned to have every book be 10 episodes, but under the circumstances there are some things to resolve that will push Book 2 past episode 20. Can’t say how far, that’s all in Ruel’s hands.

  • gunks

    I came to this episode not knowing about Triforce Mike…
    I misted up a bit on hearing what happened… but I started bawling at the character goodbyes.

    • capblackard

      Hey Gunks! You’re not alone on this unexpected journey into sadness. Not anything we’d ever want to spring on someone – that’s for sure! Almost a rite of passage for new D&D fans: Eventually… get really, really sad.
      That thing that’s so cool to me is, even though you’ve felt the ache of him leaving – you’re also someone new who’s gotten to know Mike. He’s still out there being all immortal on the Internet, making people happy. And eventually sad… but mostly happy.
      We did a lot of things to commemorate Mike’s life and cope with his loss: There’s a lot of info there. Hopefully the senseless kitten endangerment made up for the traumatic beginning!

  • Gaz Holliday

    Sorry i am late to the party, only been listning to nerdy Show for the last year or so. I was shocked to hear about the passing of Triforce Mike at the start of the episode, and i am sorry for your loss. Chair you are and shall always be a throne amongst stools

    • capblackard

      Thanks Gaz! It’s a continual gift that new people are able to discover Mike and grow to love him like we did. It’s hard to think of him as really gone in that regard. Thanks for writing, and “Chair you are and shall always be a throne amongst stools” is… probably the best eulogy he’s ever received. <3

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