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Nerdy Show Live: Tim Curry-A-Thon!

Posted by NerdyShow on March 26, 2012

At long-last!  The Tim-Curry-A-Thon is here!  A fan-funded movie marathon of insidious proportions

Thanks to: Gundamking, Kevin Czajkowski, deadalready, and The Roosevelt Sniper for bringing us this movie marathon!

Saturday, April 14th from 12pm-12am Eastern we’re going to be streaming our festivities at our live hub,

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After a rousing discussion on the forums we paired down which Curry films we’ll be screening.  Since Curry is such a prolific actor, none of his works are free of copyright.  That means that before you settle down to watch these films along with us, you’re going to want to track them down. That also means you’ll get to scope our pretty faces as we provide a running commentary on all the movies and shows we view.  And we’d better see some Rocky Horror call and response in that chat window! So, come party with the Nerdy Show crew online, hang out in the chat, and catch any hijinks that ensue.

Savory Curry:

Ferngully (1992) – 75 min.
Congo (1995) – 109 min.
Clue (1985) – 94 min.
Legend [US Theatrical Cut] (1985) – 89 min.
Mighty MaxPandora’s Box” parts 1 &2 (1994) – 42 min.
IT (1990) – 195 min.
Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) – 100 min.

We’ll be watching them in the above order. Get excited! Mark the date! Grab some Doritos Locos Tacos!

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