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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 40 :: Luv Lyne 3

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on February 25, 2016

piecast reduxIt’s EPIC PIEcast! Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord as they dust off every corner of pop culture for discussion, debate, and deconstruction with all the snark and witty banter that they can muster.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, lovers! For the EPIC PIEcast’s thrice-annual V.D. episode, our resident romance non-experts Lugo and Schaffer dig through months of unanswered listener mail to get to the juicy bits: your love, sex and relationship advice questions! Is Schaffer’s love like a runaway Bronco? Are Lugo’s feelings on infidelity Sith-like in nature? Did somebody really send us a multiple choice question? These and other queries can be found in this month’s episode.

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