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The Fake Congregation :: 2fer Tunesday :: 8/20/13

Posted by Cap on August 20, 2013

tfc 300Glum? Down in the dumps? You look like you could use a double!

Today on The Fake Congregation it’s a 2fer Tunesday! We’re playing  jams by the same musical masterminds back-to-back. Twice the infotainment doubly penetrating the deepest recesses of your mind meat – helping you reach a profound new musical understanding. Cap returns once again to take you on a magical mystery tour though tracks he’s been loving, eclectic albums desperately needing new ears, and even a game of an old TFC favorite: MP3 Roulette!  …With chaotic consequences.


  1. My New Boyfriend :: Carly Simon
  2. Spoiled Girl :: Carly Simon
  3. Jesus & The Rolling Stones :: Hamptons
  4. Give Up :: The Most
  5. Medication :: New Build
  6. False Thing :: New Build
  7. Once in a Lifetime :: Molr Drammaz
  8. Road to Nowhere :: Nic Conway’s National Junk Band
  9. Pictures of Doodie :: The Left Rights
  10. Pink Aqua Dress :: The Left Rights
  11. Metallica Doody :: The Left Rights
  12. ESP :: The Left Rights
  13. White :: The Left Rights
  14. Little Shocks :: Kaiser Chiefs
  15. Heard it Break :: Kaiser Chiefs
  16. Train Traveling North :: Channel Light Vessel
  17. Loose Connections :: Channel Light Vessel
  18. I Say Fever :: Ramona Falls
  19. Archimedes Plutonium :: Ramona Falls
  20. I’m Going in a Field :: Ivor Cutler
  21. The Shapely Balloon :: Ivor Cutler
  22. Hot in Herre :: OK Go
  23. Deuce Courtesans and a Lambs Tail of Snuff :: The Left Rights



  • Nathaniel

    Really enjoyed this one! Thanks Cap! Some really wonderful tracks. I really dig Menomena, and hadn’t heard of Ramona Falls, and that knocked my socks off. The Hamptons and The Most were great, too, as were The New Build tracks.

    • Cap

      My pleasure, dude!

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