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Nerdy Show 224 :: DC TV: The Animated Classics, The Live Action Series, & DC’s New Era

Posted by NerdyShow on June 8, 2015


ep224 600We’re not timid to admit we have a love/hate relationship with DC Comics. From the spotty comics quality after the company-wide reset of continuity, to the post-Nolan films, it’s fuel to send a fan fuming over mistreated characters and missed opportunities. But on TV… on TV DC reigns supreme.

Beginning with Arrow and spinning out to the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the modern era of live action DC shows bring superheroics to the small screen like no other (at least most of the time). In fact, there’s nothing new here – DC has ruled TV since the 1950s. In this episode, we salute the modern era of DC TV, beginning with a listener-requested discussion on Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s animated universe; from Batman: The Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited. Next we move on to the current live action universe, and finally explore the comics publisher’s new initiative which might finally free the characters and creators we love from mediocrity.

Join Nerdy Show hosts Cap, Tony, Aaron, Matt, and La Valle, along with Flame On!‘s Bryan and Derpy Show‘s boR for passionate discussions on the highs and lows of DC’s television adventures. Listen to the full episode below or join us in the studio and watch our live action DC TV discussion here.

Thanks to Caitlin and Ethan Krueger for the Microsode topic.

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  1. Superman: The Animated Series :: Hot Dad
  2. Arrow :: Sci-Fried
  3. Batman :: Spoiler Alert!


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  • Scott John Harrison

    I am still in the middle of April but I am going to have to listen to this episode today since you are talking about some of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. (The DCCW (I love this Acronym for it.) and iZombie (Which I watched not knowing it was a comic book property. but now that I know – I am also looking forward to Lucifer.))

    • capblackard

      Yaaaay! Yeah, jump right in dude. We don’t reference any past jokes or anything. It’s a pretty topical episode. If only THIS had come out in time for us to talk about it. New (and insane) Bruce Timm DCU:

  • Wolfboy1988

    Thank you Tony! That “schway past cool” bad joke brought a smile to my face. Thank you, you bad joke teller you. You live up to your business card, drawfriend.

  • As much as I’m liking DC’s TV shows, Arrow got really irritating. I liked the first season, and the second was okay, but what killed that show by season 3 was the complete and absolute lack of happiness anywhere. Oliver was always playing a white knight and a martyr at the same time, and it got bad enough that I’d get angry just watching him put the weight of EVERYTHING in the city on his shoulders with as little help as possible. “Why yes, you did just fight me to a stalemate. But I can’t let you help me, you may get a paper cut and that would exacerbate my guilty conscious for every wrong deed ever done.” The rest of their stuff (Gotham, notwithstanding) is good, but someone just put Arrow out of its misery.

  • Scott John Harrison

    On Steve’s comment I am expecting season 4 to be a whole lot more fun.

    On iZombie you mentioned not being sure about it. It is a fun procedural show and what impressed me the most is the eating brains part – it made me think that them doing a chew series could work. The psychic zombie visions work well and the overarching plot goes in directions I didn’t expect.

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