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Nerdy Show‘s Hex wrote a book called Alan. It’s about a computer that develops from a text based program to a fully sentient entity. This is a radio play of that book with full voice acting and sound effects.



The Hex Grid

Join Nerdy Show‘s Hex as he plays the finest nerd music! On this show, which ran from 2012-2013 Hex interviews with heavy hitters in the nerd music community as well as digs deep into his archives to uncover songs so rare he might be the only one left with a copy!



Before there was Friday Night Fanfiction, there was Nerdy Show‘s sexy step-sister podcast, Overclocked After Dark. Back in the day, we’d hang out every few months and feel each other up in the closet.  Join the Nerdy Show crew and the OCAD boys: Stevo, Brushfire, and Deven for massively tangential conversations, erotic fanfic readings, and intense inebriation. This page compiles all of our crossovers, often called “Nerdy Show After Dark”, including our 4-part Drunken Podcast month special, and more!



Well, it’s not so secret now… “Secret Level” is a one-stop shop for all Nerdy Show’s oddball programming, one-offs, crossovers, and other galactic funk.

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