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US-1 Fan Love Contest – Winners & Submissions

As launched in Manholes of Venus with winners announced and discussed in Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears.


1st place

“Spacebound & Down” (A Parody of Eastbound & Down) by Luke McDuffee

2nd place

8-Page US-1 comic by Max Acree

3rd place

A US-1 Minecraft mega-structure by B1brigade


Other Entries:


“Space Truckers!” by Justin “Kahalis Djnn” Elder

What if  “What if the Moon Level from the Ducktales Game … Had Lyrics” … Had US 1-Based Lyrics? by Sean Hutchinson [Retroactive Submission]

Short Fiction:

US Ace in The Mountain Pass of Madness by Dan Blake

Thanks to all our contestants for an amazing contest.  Be sure to keep an eye out and an ear peeled for our next contest!

US-1 Fan Love Contest rules and regs

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