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The Nerd Groove :: Episode 13 :: The Triforce of Nerd Music Part 1: Hip-Hop

Posted by Dr. Vern on November 3, 2015

Nerd GrooveYour monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! Join Dr. Vern and dig The Nerd Groove!

Saddle up with Dr. Vern for start of a triforce of episodes covering the three key cornerstones of the Nerd Music genre: Hip-Hop, Rock, and VGM. This episode it’s all about the nerdcore family tree and the hip-hop influences it took root in. Plus we play some new nerdy tunes of all genes for good measure. Featuring tracks from…

Wordburglar,  MC Frontalot, MC Lars, The Protomen, Chamber Band, Steam Powered Giraffe, Mega Ran, Ambush Vin, DJ Cutman, Optimus Rhyme, MC Chris, Schaffer The Darklord, Dr. Awkward, ZeaLouS1, My Parents Favorite Music, YTCracker, Dual Core, Kabuto the Python, and many more.

Groove out with us here on The Nerd Groove, and don’t forget – for all the latest nerd jams 24-7, keep on grooving over at Nerdy.FM. Download the new Nerdy.FM app and listen anywhere!

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  1. Noggin Users :: Wordburglar featuring MC Frontalot
  2. Dragon Blood :: MC Lars
  3. Victory Tour :: Chamber Band
  4. Fire Fire :: Steam Powered Giraffe
  5. Infinite Lives :: Mega Ran
  6. Geeked Out :: Ambush Vin
  7. This City Made Us :: The Protomen
  8. Jet Squid Radio :: DJ Cutman
  9. Precognito (Live) :: Optimus Rhyme
  10. Wiid :: MC Chris
  11. Stranger :: Schaffer The Darklord
  12. R.P.G. (Really Pretty Good) :: Dr. Awkward
  13. Shudders :: MC Frontalot featuring Kid Koala and The Protomen
  14. Welcome to Our Block :: ZeaLouS1 featuring Beefy
  15. Pumpkin Zone :: My Parents Favorite Music featuring Schaffer The Darklord
  16. Do The Bruce Campbell :: MC Lars and YTCracker featuring Schaffer The Darklord and ZeaLouS1
  17. Fantastic Four :: Dual Core featuring Beefy, YTCracker and Wheelie Cyberman
  18. The Guest List :: Kabuto the Python featuring Shael Riley, Schaffer The Darklord, Adam Warrock, Int80, MC Frontalot, Beefy, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Mega Ran, and Scrub Club


Background Jams from the Splatunes! compilation:




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