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Nerdy Show 219 :: Lightning Dogs: Beware the Glampire

Posted by NerdyShow on May 4, 2015


Once again Nerdy Show returns to The Wasteland – a desolate future portrait of Earth where humanity is gone and the mutants that remain are lorded over by the villainous Glampire. The only righteous force left to tame the human world gone awry is the evolution of man’s best friend – The Lightning Dogs! These canine commandos’ shred through the desolate terrain on makeshift hotrods looking for answers in a world gone mad.

We conceived Lightning Dogs by accident during an episode of Nerdy Show and ever since then we’ve been developing the concept of this animated series that never was LIVE! Our goal is to spitball this crazy idea until it’s a real thing. Tune in to hear us pitch crazy concepts and debate crazier back stories. You’ve heard us flesh out our heroes, but what about the villains? In this first part of a two-part puppy pile-up we delve into the nefarious alien, Glampire and his grotesque minion Halloween Jack!

Download from the player above :: Episode art by Tony Baldini – Buy Prints & More!



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